Innovation out of the blue

The commercial use of drones is a business model with outstanding perspectives. The young start-up Airia wants to exploit the full potential of this technology and thus contribute to a global energy revolution.

As a service, Airia offers more precise inspection methods for critical infrastructure objects such as wind power, solar and power plants. Therefore, optical, thermal and photogrammetric methods are used.

In this market, which has hardly been conquered yet, the company has to position itself and assert itself against established competition. Schwarz+Matt developed the tools to survive in this market with the logo, a corporate design, business equipment and a structured, easy-to-understand website.

Hence, Airia was able to achieve two important goals: to provide its own solutions for industrial applications and at the same time to communicate the most important USPs. With drone applications, maintenance times and costs can be reduced and the safety of critical infrastructure objects can be improved through more precise inspection methods.

As an important corporate value, all of the young start-up’s services are characterized by environmentally friendly and resource-conserving actions.

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Airia GmbH




Marketing Consulting, Logo Development, Corporate Design, Website


April 2019

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