Initiator for pharmacists

Dr. Erol Yilmaz is himself a successful pharmacist, but also a doctor of pharmacy, a specialist author and a recognized pharmacy consultant. He has developed an effective teaching method for his seminars and workshops that focuses on motivation, individual learning and practical testing.

Schwarz+Matt has positioned Erol Yilmaz on a personal branding website for pharmacy owners and employees as well as for interested parties of coaching, seminars and lectures. Hence, a functioning tool is now available which simplifies, accelerates and documents the booking and settlement processes for interested parties and Dr. Yilmaz. Himself can also release his own dates and thus win participants and/or leads.

Our design team developed a new screen design as well as a personal logo, which incorporates design ideas from the existing pharmacy logo and positions Dr. Yilmaz as the driving force in the industry.

The personal branding website also provides a first insight into the Yilmaz-method and its possibilities of customer consulting. With the learned procedure pharmacy employees can retain customers or generate additional sales. This is confirmed by the response of his participants.

With the personal branding website of Erol Yilmaz new perspectives of its professional activity became usable for the compassionate pharmacist.

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Dr. Erol Yilmaz e.K.




Marketing Consulting, Brand Positioning, Logo Development, Corporate Design, Business Equipment, Photography, Text, Website Concept, Screendesign, Website Development


Juli 2019

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