From the taproom to the trendsetting stall

A modern design, rustic furniture, wooden counters and cool beer in the middle of a traffic island – welcome to what is probably the hippest stall in the district.

Where the children used to be sent by their (grand-) parents to fetch sweets, where a beer was quickly drunk after work and where you just bought a newspaper, cigarettes or center shocks, that’s where tradition meets trend. Bude 116 einhalb traditionally continues to embody a place of communication and community – but in a new form. A beer with homemade sandwiches in a hip retro design transforms the old stall tradition of the region into a real trend. In the start-up phase, we advised the young company with our start-up know-how, designed the corporate design and, together with the two owners, developed the store design. Anyone who has now got thirsty should drink the well-deserved Bergmann beer at Saarlandstraße 116 1/2 as soon as possible.

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Nicolas Nahalewicz




Marketing Consulting, Logo Development, Corporate Design, Business Equipment, Store Design, Social Media


August 2018