French fries rediscovered

Together with gourmet chef Emanuel Mc Cance, we have consistently reinterpreted and redesigned the French fries stall. Because everyone deserves good fries.

When we first met Emmanuel Mc Cance, we were amazed: A gourmet chef came up with the idea of a new type of french fries stall that would provide more culinary delights than the classic french fries with ketchup and mayonnaise! Homemade sauces, potato chips with peel and toppings, which are otherwise only known from high-priced restaurants, are the basis of the business idea. It quickly becomes clear that the USP is: a high-quality French fries stall that is simply more, even though it’s all about fries.

Together we created the Frittenbude 2.0 and gave it the only possible name: Frittenküche. Completed by the corporate design we developed, the store design and various POS media, we reinvented the French fries together with Emmanuel Mc Cance.

From now on, dishes such as French fries with slices of cured beef breast, marinated white cabbage, smoky BBQ sauce and fine remoulade are waiting for the hungry stomachs at the top of the Stadtkrone Ost.
Monday to Saturday you will find the Frittenküche at the EDEKA parking lot Lisboner Allee 7, 44269 Dortmund. Even professional soccer players from a first division club in Dortmund regularly supplement their diet with the delicacies á la Mc Cance.

But now enough talk: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating!” In this sense: off to the Frittenküche and enjoy!

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June 2018

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