Experience pharmacist and where to find them

For the pharmacies of the Bären-Apotheke we developed a recruiting campaign to find workers in an industry with less than 1% unemployment rate.

89% of all companies in Germany use their own website as a recruiting platform. A current trend that only a few pharmacies follow, although the unemployment rate in pharmacy is less than 1% and pharmacies are desperately looking for new employees.

For this reason, Marco Müller from the Bären-Apotheke approached Schwarz+Matt and asked us for some ideas. With our idea of turning the normal pharmacist into an experience pharmacist, we have turned numerous curious candidates into applicants. The idea was implemented by us with the help of a landing page, which gives visitors the opportunity to apply directly online or via WhatsApp.

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Marketing Consulting, Employer Branding, Website


April 2017

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