Dentist with a view

For moving into new premises, Schwarz+Matt has redesigned the dental practice Kowalczyk in Hagen. From the name “Panorama Praxis” to the corporate design, all the way to the optical guidance system, a uniform modern design is the dominant feature.

If you look closely, you will see an open mouth with upper and lower dental arches in the logo – strongly stylized and freshly implemented. The fresh green of the logo also shapes the appearance of the dental practice. Individual icons were developed for online applications and the patient guidance system. And the locked typography is reminiscent of the far-sightedness through the generous panorama windows.

With this appearance, the Panorama practice stands out clearly from the standard not only in terms of height. Now the young dentist can exercise his modern world treatments in digital spaces as well.

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Philip Kreis-Kowalczyk




Marketing Consulting, Name Development, Logo Development, Corporate Design, Business Equipment, Website, Advertising Technology, Photography


November 2018

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