Cooking - a form of art

A chef is a chef is a chef. Also digitally.

How do you develop a personal brand website for a multiplier, product developer, lecturer and author that stands out from the classic image of a chef?

As a chef, Heiko Antoniewicz is a personality of the Ruhr region and beyond. In Europe and Asia he has gained a reputation as a versatile cooking enthusiast and profound author.

The task: set up a website that reflects all facets of his work, especially his thematic depth for original forms of cooking.

The idea: The key visual of the website of Heiko Antoniewicz shows only his face with strong traces of ashes. This refers to his most current topic and can always be completed by new visualizations.

The most important task for our creation was to make the depth of the thematic depth, which is meaningful for the work of Heiko Antoniewicz, technically and emotionally tangible.

Based on this context, a comprehensive and very personal picture of the top chef was created: The start page is functionally reduced, contents are torn up by surprising headlines and intensive copies and specified on subpages.

In contrast, the typography plays with the contrast of clear and curved typefaces. The chef’S own cosmos is symbolised by the planetary orbits indicated. Design elements developed exclusively for the website, moving images and sliders animate the design.

The result: a visually strong and eloquent personal brand website that corresponds to Heiko Antoniewicz in its diversity and professional depth.

Well met.

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Employer Branding, Website


December 2019 – February 2020