Westermanns Case

Between trend and tradition

A restaurateur has a vision: he combines classic, down-to-earth and regional dishes with influences from modern and international cuisine.

Westermanns in Lünen wanted to convey this dream not only in the spaces of the restaurant, but also in the entire appearance. At the same time, Westermanns’ name was to remain the same.

In our design concept, the W of the name is used as a visual anchor. In the typography, a connection between classic and modern is created – bringing the gastronomic vision to life. The twisted square gives the design a fixed space, and at the same time dynamics through its rotation.

The design for the new Deli concept in Dortmund’s city centre was also easily expanded.

Those who combine tradition and trend can create something exciting new.

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Westermann & Kraas GbR




Logo Development, Corporate Design, Business Equipment, Social Media, Photography


February 2019

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