Being pan-ticularly tasty

Here a new concept around the pizza is served up. Pan & Pizza wants to scale its pan concept from two locations nationwide as a franchise system.

That is why the new corporate design by Schwarz+Matt has been dynamically designed for growth. For franchising, the Pan & Pizza logo must be versatile and economically presentable in all applications. As an illuminated sign with a signal character, on a red and white background, in one or two colours and even reduced to the individually designed &-sign. Whether on the pizza box, the menu or in merchandising – at first glance Pan & Pizza is unmistakably worth every piece and every bite.

To ensure that the logo is understood everywhere and immediately, a product image is integrated into the logo as a figurative mark. Like the pizza, the Decima font is a visible interpretation of modern America.

With Pan & Pizza, Schwarz+Matt has created a brand that can grow.

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Pan Pizza AKCA GmbH




Logoentwicklung, Corporate Design, Website, Store Design


March 2019

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