Theresa Raring

Junior Art Director

Student on the road to success

Theresa Raring

Theresa knew what she wanted early on. Her training as a media designer was followed shortly afterwards by studies in communication design at the FH Aachen.

To back up her studies with practical experience, Theresa begins a six-month internship at Schwarz+Matt as a visual design intern and eventually develops into a working student. With her main expertise in branding, Theresa supports current client projects, creatively implements ideas and creates new brand images. Already in 2020, it received an award at the Junior Corporate Design Prize.

A true country kid, Theresa loves the outdoors. In addition to work and study, she spends her time on the family farm. In addition, Theresa can not only digital – she likes to be creative analog, whether with scissors, pencil, clay, paper or acrylic paint on the canvas.

Theresa develops into a driving force at Schwarz+Matt and continues to perfect her skills. Branding on a new level!