Sarah Runzheimer

Marketing & Account Manager


Sarah brings speed

Fast cars. Fast projects. Fast life. Sarah completed her vocational baccalaureate and media science studies (Bachelor’s degree) in record time. Left big footprints at an advertising agency in Dortmund and has now – rightly – joined the black side of marketing.

At the age of 24, she is already an all-round talent. She is well versed in brands, marketing and strategies. But also in project coordination, consulting, social media management, community management and much more. Sarah has already worked for large Dortmund companies and a football club, is ambitious and hits the mark. At Schwarz+Matt she will lighten the workload of project control and account management. She always thinks ahead and plans the next steps at the same time. She is currently studying Marketing Communication at the FOM on a part-time basis with the aim of obtaining a Master of Science degree.

Speaking of fast cars: she also gets plenty of speed on the road. Driving a car is her hobby, which suits her fast-paced life. Sarah finds relaxation with her cat Frida and when she’s working off energy at the gym.

Sarah, bring us up speed.