Rabea Cramer

Rabea Cramer

Art Director


Style assured transport

How do you translate a concept into design? What connects service design with problem solving? Should a visualization be derived logically? Rabea asks and answers these questions at Schwarz+Matt.

Born and raised in Herne, studied “Design, Media, Communication” at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences with a semester abroad near Los Angeles, bachelor thesis on corporate design. At the M√ľnster University of Applied Sciences, she writes her master thesis on the topic “Pictograms in visual communication of refugees”, awarded as semester best. During her studies she worked freelance and in a design office.

Afterwards Rabea looks for an employer in Dortmund, with which cool Design is estimated and finds Schwarz+Matt. Here she contributes what she has learned to countless corporate design projects and develops her graphic signature further. It is important to her that design solutions not only look good, but are consistently developed from the tasks. The team benefits from her structured way of working and her multitasking.

Rabea remained active in modern dance for a long time. Today, city trips take her to San Francisco, Paris, Rome, Lisbon and Stockholm to rediscover design and architecture around the world.