Niklas Scholz

Niklas Scholz

Media Designer


The man on the safety line

Yes, Niklas had a typical life for a Dortmund boy: born in Herdecke (Huh?), raised in Dorstfeld, Leibniz-Gymnasium, vocational baccalaureate diploma. Then: training as a tax clerk. This job title and the contents were not convincing. He preferred to secure children on the safety rope while climbing.

Consequently, Niklas turned his passion into a profession: Photoshop, graphic design, visual effects, print design, web design, video/motion design/animation, illustration, UI/UX, editorial design, logo design, and much more – which led him to an apprenticeship as media designer concept and visualization at a renowned agency in Bochum. He learned from no fewer than five art directors and stayed for another year. Niklas came back to Dortmund and optimized the online shop for a futon dealer. Sometime in between he trained as a social media manager at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and built up a small business.

The man on the safety rope is now part of Schwarz+Matt. With his skills in photography, video, photo retouching and interactive design he is the right link for design, web development and performance marketing and will make us even stronger.

In his leisure time, Niklas plays guitar in a German pop band, but is rather quiet and rarely in a bad mood. Unless the technique goes on strike. Then…

Niklas, your performance, your solo.