Nadine Arendt




Not everyone who has enjoyed painting and drawing since childhood will eventually end up at Schwarz+Matt. This requires a high level of motivation and sound skills.

Nadine brings the whole package. After all, she is a qualified “Gestaltungstechnische Assistentin”. In addition, she has completed internships in a photo studio (for well-known valve manufacturers) and in the marketing department (for the training centre of the construction industry). Now she is studying “Communication Design” at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Iserlohn and is spending her internship semester at Schwarz+Matt.

At first glance, she liked the design and appearance of the Dortmund marketing consultant. Simultaneously, we noticed her eye for aesthetics and her ability to develop functional design perfectionistically for real applications.

And Nadine learned another thing during her childhood. To assert herself, whether in swimming, gymnastics, martial arts or at school.

Stopping Nadine could be difficult. We won’t try it.