Lucas Schraft

Marketing Consultant


Well played

Lucas is already well trained and educated at a young age. First high school graduation, then an apprenticeship as a businessman for marketing communication, a completed bachelor’s degree in “Communication and Media Management” (one semester in Edinburgh/Scotland), now the master’s degree in “Marketing Management”. In between, an internship in Brand Management at Media Markt in Munich and a working student job in Brand Management at the purchasing office of the German iron merchants.

At Schwarz+Matt he is, not surprisingly, a brand specialist, brand strategist and brand consultant. And in New Business he puts customers and colleagues with the right mood on the right track. Already legendary: his laugh that fills entire rooms.

On the weekends, he slips into a completely different role: as SCRAFTY, Lucas has been a well-booked DJ in the clubs of the Ruhr district for eight years. And because that’s not enough, he also plays in a cover band and produces his own house music.