Justin Michnik

Art Director


Early practice…

…in what an Art Director needs to be.

The fact that Justin found his professional home in design was obvious at an early stage. As a child, the painting and crafting table was one of his favourite places, not surprisingly that art became one of his favourite subjects.

School? Unspectacular and solid. Inevitably an internship at an advertising agency in Dortmund. Studying? Of course communication and media design with diploma at the “WAM – Die Medienakademie”. Since a private university degree Justin is not enough, he moves to Sheffield. Here he obtained his Master of Arts in Graphic Design. His style is minimalistic, reduced and his motto is: “Less is more”. No one is surprised: The master thesis is about minimization, but about unnecessary consumption, with the aim of living more consciously. And, after a few small detours, Justin ends up at Schwarz+Matt in March 2019.

In his spare time, the real local can be found 17 times a year in the Home of Football, the Westfalenstadion. Moreover, he does calisthenics exercises with his friends, jogging in the Rombergpark or doing his laps on his bicycle.

Go for it, Justin!