Jürgen Meith-Zimmermann

Jürgen Meith-Zimmermann

Senior Copywriter


Competency in person

In a nutshell: School, studied German language and literature and philosophy in Berlin and Bochum, cultural work “KAUE Gelsenkirchen”, further education in marketing and “other stuff”, over 20 years in advertising agencies (text, concept, traffic, account manager, new business), five years as a freelance copywriter.

As marketing allrounder Jürgen has already many years on the hump. He is the most experienced employee in the team and knows his way around campaigns and B2B marketing. In agencies he has worked for construction brands, for machine builders and steel producers, for confectionery chains and star chefs. He says about himself: “For texts about good food I have a physical competence”. His strongest side are headlines. But he also writes short and long copies for many industries.

Jürgen changes his clothes 7 times a year. Then he wears a little yellow to his accustomed black and cheers on eleven young men playing football in the stadium. Jürgen also loves his wife and Ireland, the land of his dreams. Whenever he can, both are drawn to the green island. And perhaps at some point forever.