Anna Thiemicke

Art Director / Project Manager

Two in one

Anna is not only a graduated communication designer, but also a recognized marketing specialist.
Starting with a technical baccalaureate in design, Anna paved her way into a career as an art director and project manager.

The subsequent studies in Cologne and meanwhile 6 years of agency experience in the field of communication design, scenography and project management, make Anna an expert in her field.

At Schwarz+Matt, Anna will now be responsible for project management in the area of design, while also working as an art director herself. In her work as a designer, the most important thing for Anna is to convey, develop and design the values of the brand. She loves the process from the first idea to the final product.

In her spare time, Anna can be found working at her part-time job in a small Danish decor store, on horseback, at the gym, or at the weekly market in her hometown of Münster.