Ann-Kristin Born

Operations Director

The multi-talent

Ann-Kristin Born

We are very pleased that with Ann-Kristin we could inspire a leader with many years of experience and an impressive mindset for us! She fits us like a Matt – with her progressive thinking, her direct and approachable personality and her infectious team spirit.

Ann-Kristin likes to take a dip in the deep end. And that’s exactly the attitude it takes to bring brands for tomorrow to the streets as a branding and design agency. From now on, she will support us in the areas of People & Culture, Operations and Customer Success to keep Schwarz+Matt fit for tomorrow.

What else makes us proud? That a customer relationship (Ann-Kristin was previously sitting on the other side of the table) can become an internal team fit. This shows us that we are on a really good path as a team.

Three key facts that best describe our growth at Schwarz+Matt, by our own admission?


We look forward to working with you, Anni, to the maximum!

(*Whether laziness is an authoritative driver here, you can best ask them yourself).