Social commerce trend: What power do likes and followers have?

Social commerce trend: What power do likes and followers have?

Is 3000 followers already an influencer? More and more companies are using influencer marketing, but sometimes misapplication can have the opposite effect.

What is social commerce?

Shopping behavior is constantly changing. The number of users of social media channels is growing enormously.

The latest trend: social commerce

Social network users now have the option of shopping for their favorite product directly via the platform. The products are presented visually, mostly additionally explained how it works, smells or feels. This allows the customer to better identify with the product and simplifies the purchase decision.

Social commerce offers users a unique shopping experience that was not possible before. Customers can seek opinions and recommendations for inspiration before making a purchase. Since reviews and testimonials are still decisive influencing factors in purchase decisions today, transparency and authenticity set a good starting point.

The keyword here is user-generated content (UGC), which means: customers feel actively involved in content creation and as part of a growing community. Word of mouth is still more successful than advertisements, so companies should use this channel.

Online shopping revolutionized

Social media – from inspiration to purchase. The customer journey is now reduced to just one platform. The buying process is accelerated and a new target group is gained. Social commerce is still in its infancy, but is spreading rapidly. Instagram and Facebook are leading the way with the Marketplace on Facebook and shoppable posts on Instagram.

One company, one app, and you’re off. The products can be marked with a few clicks on the respective post. It should be noted that up to five products can be linked per post with one image and up to 20 products for a post with multiple images. Products can also be presented in the story with a short video. This encourages customers to “swipe up” to find out more about the product in the online store. Indispensable are call-to-actions to encourage customers to share their feedback about the product.

Through UGC, companies benefit, on the one hand, customers are consciously involved and, on the other hand, content is created independently. When content is reposted by customers, it increases reach and the company gains followers. UGC generates authenticity and trust, plus testimonials from real customers can be generated for free.


Influencer marketing – the key to success?

Anyone who has many followers is an influencer. No!

In the meantime, a high number of followers is no longer important; the focus is on quality instead of quantity. Having many followers does not directly mean that the reach is high. Most often, they are so-called ghost followers who show no activity on Instagram. The result is that the content is not consumed at all and the money is invested incorrectly. The relation between the number of likes and comments is crucial. Because: if they differ greatly, it’s a sign that the influencer doesn’t have a real reach. In addition, influencers know that they have a great influence and get paid very well for it. Influencers must be able to identify with the company and the industry, which is why the selection process plays a major role. Nevertheless, it is advisable for companies to perceive influencer marketing. This makes it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions about different products because a person they trust recommends them. As a result, new target groups are reached who were previously unaware of the products.


Social commerce will continue to play a major role, a rising trend that is becoming more relevant as social platforms grow. Authenticity and transparency is key and these values must be communicated externally. This is the key to creating trust between customers and the company. Influencer marketing should not be underestimated, each company can find and achieve its own strategy. To do this, influencers must be selected with care and sufficient thought. So that their services help to achieve the entrepreneurial goals and implement them with full passion. Otherwise, the negative comments can affect businesses.