A good vision of the future

How can a nationally established contact lens institute communicate a previously unknown form of therapy? The vision of the owners is to enable children and adolescents to experience a freer life through better vision for school, sport and leisure.

Avermann is one of the largest contact lens institutes in Germany and wants to raise awareness of myopia among parents. The problem: Myopia is neither a concept nor a form of therapy in the public consciousness.

Schwarz+Matt therefore designed integrated communication measures under the campaign motto “A good look into the future”, which resulted in a regional cinema campaign. All online and offline media were integratively linked with the outstanding expertise of Avermann and the existing business. The registered brand Sehtalent and the slogan support the effect of the campaign media such as the campaign’s landing page.

The freshly designed campaign media combined with regional marketing activities in form of print and point of sale media, the campaign generated attention and sensitization to the topic of myopia of the parents. After all, the Avermann brand was strengthened in a new field of competence.

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Avermann Contactlinsen e.K.




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October 2019

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